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Why are People drawn to Niche Fragrance Houses?

By March 29, 2022 April 6th, 2022 No Comments

The way you smell can greatly influence the way you feel about yourself. In fact, the fragrance you use can even say a lot about the kind of person you are. So if you want to stand out within your group, you’ve got to smell great and you’ve got to smell different. The uniqueness is what’s meant to set you apart from the rest of the world. A general trend that we’ve noticed over generations is that when it comes to fragrance, everyone tends to go for the same famous designer brands. However, lately, more and more people are being drawn to niche fragrance houses. Why do you think that is? Keep reading to find out.

What are Niche Perfumes?

A niche refers to something that appeals to a small group of consumers. People generally buy perfumes produced by large fashion houses. These are designer perfumes and you can find them in department stores and local outlets. Niche perfumes are those which are produced on a much smaller scale and by companies dedicated to producing perfumes alone.

Niche perfumes are not the same as indie perfumes, where a single perfumer takes charge of the entire business. Rather, these fragrance houses hire artisans and self-taught perfumers to create new fragrances. Because of this, they’re sometimes also referred to as ‘artisan perfumes’. Unlike designer perfumes, niche perfumes have limited availability. Nowadays, some luxury outlets are also selling these kinds of perfumes.

The basic idea lies in the unconventionality of it– niche perfumes are all about being as creative as you can and mixing different complex scents that have not been used before. Designer perfumes usually stick to the tradition, and while this might satisfy one group of consumers, more and more people are looking for creativity and uniqueness in the perfume that they wear these days.

Why Should You Buy Niche Perfumes?

What is it that draws more people towards niche perfumes and why should you buy them?

1. Better Quality Ingredients

One of the biggest advantages of owning niche perfumes is the quality of the ingredients that are used to make them. Designer perfumes are produced keeping mass circulation in mind, due to which less attention is paid to the quality of ingredients and more to their quantity. Because niche perfumes are created for a select group of people, the perfumers focus more on procuring the best quality ingredients for their perfumes.

2. Uniqueness

Niche perfumes are known for being bold and imaginative in their scent. Since they’re not intended to be commercialized, the wearers of these perfumes can rest assured that their scent is unique from that of others. This makes them stand apart from the crowd as well as boosts their confidence.

3. Innovative

While creating niche perfumes, the perfumer aims to represent emotions and thoughts in a bottle, rather than producing for the masses. Due to this, several complex combinations of scents come into play, giving rise to innovative ideas. They’re highly experimentative in nature and cater to people with vivid tastes in perfumes.


We feel that niche perfumes will be the next big thing. With consumers aiming for a bold approach towards the way they carry themselves, their need to evoke uniqueness is also very much involved. Niche perfumes, though slightly more expensive than designer perfumes, can help you find your signature scent that you can flaunt anytime and anywhere.


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