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Prin Lomros and His Work of Art

By March 29, 2022 April 6th, 2022 No Comments

As fragrance enthusiasts, it is natural for us to carefully follow a perfumer or two. Their perfumes speak a different tale to us, and their fragrances fit with our vivid tastes very well. There are perfumers who rely on the traditional path to delight us with their scents, while others love experimenting with several notes of fragrances to come up with innovative scents. Prin Limros belongs to the second type of perfumers and there’s little chance that you do not know about him if you follow the fragrance industry.

Keep reading this article to find out more about the face behind the scent of Strangers Parfumerie.

How he got into perfumery

Prin Lomros is a perfumer from Thailand. With not much prior knowledge in perfume-making, it is safe to say that he is a self-taught perfumer.

As a child, Prin was curious about the different fragrances we find around us. He had a strange affection for perfumes and started collecting them gradually. This is where he began to notice his panache for associating scents with memories and taking the idea of nostalgia beyond the visual realm alone.

Although he wished to pursue a degree in perfume science, he ended up doing a degree in filmmaking. Filmmaking was a good platform that allowed him to express himself through stories. His advisor selected Prin’s film as a nomination to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. As part of this, he traveled to Cannes and extended his stay in Grasse, renowned for its perfume culture. This is where things made a turn for Prin as he took a serious interest in perfume-making.

After coming back to Thailand, he explored the world of fragrance further. He began his fragrance career at The Perfumer’s World, which is one of Thailand’s major fragrance companies. He tried to experiment with different scents that others deemed impossible to mix and came up with unique scents.

Stranger Parfumerie

Prin went on to create his own perfume lines called Pryn Parfum, Strangers Parfumerie and Parfum Prissana. When asked why he decided to name his brand “Strangers Parfumerie”, Prin responded that he got inspiration from the idea of “the stranger in me”. No one has really met themselves, so they don’t know what they really want. Through Strangers Parfumerie, Prin wants to create unique fragrances that everyone will want to wear.

Perfume and Cinema

One of the provocative aspects of Prin’s fragrances is how he derives inspiration from movies. His primary education was based on filmmaking and he beautifully combines this with the art of perfume-making. A lot of his perfumes take on a cinematic approach. For example, his fragrance called “Burning Bad” is inspired by the Korean movie Burning. Coffee and coffee shops play a major role in the movie, which is why the fragrance also has significant notes of coffee. “Oliver” is inspired by the character of Oliver in Call Me By Your Name. Prin tries to translate the Italian gardens in the movie and Oliver’s summer attire into his fragrance.


Prin’s objective is to create perfumes for everyone. By coming up with fragrances that are niche, of good quality, and still not very expensive, he wants to experiment and make the world of fragrances accessible to all. And we can already see that happening, so Prin’s on the right track.


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