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Perfume and Storytelling: Why is it so Intriguing?

By March 29, 2022 April 6th, 2022 No Comments

Every person has a story behind who they are that helps them grow as individuals and as a community. What’s interesting is that even the most abstract things like what we see, hear, and smell around us can create an intimate tale. Smell, in this regard, is an incredibly decisive factor when it comes to determining someone’s story and their personality.

If you’re observant enough, you’ll understand how each scent tells a different story. This is because fragrance is a reflection of our experiences and memories. This is why you immediately sense an idea of gentlemanliness when someone wears a cologne like Ralph Lauren’s Polo or Armani’s Gio. How does your perfume of choice convey your story? Keep reading to find out.

Perfume and Personality

First impressions are the most impactful. People who are aware of this often try to put up a false front to win over others, especially in situations like a first date or an interview. But did you know that you can figure out someone’s personality by their choice of perfume?

Famous smell and taste expert Dr. Alan Hirsch says, “the part of the brain that smells and tastes is part of the emotional brain where our personality lies.” Based on his findings, here are some examples of how you can determine what kind of a person someone is through their scent.

Citrus lovers

They are the alpha of the group. They’re ambitious, determined, and natural leaders.


People who wear scents with notes of vanilla are generally associated with a happy-go-lucky personality. They spread warmth and energy wherever they go.



Contrary to what we might think, people who wear fruity scents tend to be moody and irritable.

Perfume and Memory

Scent is one of the oldest senses that we can associate with. Because of this, as we grow, we accumulate scents in our memory banks and associate them with a positive or negative experience. The power of perfume lies in the fact that it is capable of indulging us in our past experiences as well as making us imagine a future event.

Scents with an aquatic note can take you back to that time you went for a swim in the ocean while flowery scents can remind you of your childhood garden. This is why the most famous perfume makers rely on an event or a memory to get inspiration for making their finest works. This technique can work backward as well. If you think of a memory that is very close to you, you can sense the smell that you associate with that intimate memory right away. The very idea that flowers are indeed flowery is etched in our minds because of how we remember their sweet smell that we have been repeatedly exposed to since childhood. The same theory goes for food as well – try to remember a delicious lasagne and you can taste the aroma at the tip of your tongue right away.


To sum up, we’d like to say that scents have an ethereal quality that triggers our emotions. They can transport our mind through time and space purely through the power of our intimate experiences and how we remember them. By playing with our memory, perfumes can cleverly craft a story about their wearer.


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