Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bespoke fragrance production process work?

The bespoke fragrance production process involves six steps:
1. You’ll be directed to fill out a quick pre-assessment questionnaire that will then b e submitted to a fragrance designer.

2. Upon receiving the questionnaire, the fragrance designer will connect with you to schedule a video interview at your convenience, during which you will discuss in detail your project expectations, desires and needs, as well as the ingredients to be used.

3. Once the designer collects all relevant information and answers all of your questions, they will kick off the project and you will be directed to make the payment.

4. The designer will then begin crafting the fragrance.

5. Upon finalizing the fragrance prototype, few samples will be sent to your address for feedback and first impressions.

6. Once the final instructions have been provided, the designer will begin working on the final product, which will ultimately be dispatched to your door.

Where are the designers located?

What makes Liquid Reminiscence unique is that we partner with designers located across the world from many countries. We believe that every perfumer has their own cultural hallmark to deliver to the community.

Can I choose which designer I want to work with?

Ultimately, we will select your designer. At Liquid Reminiscence, we strive to bring the best experience to you. At the same time, we can assure you that every designer who works for us undergoes a strict evaluation conducted by our competent staff prior to onboarding. Our unmatched processes will be able to select the perfect fit for your unique needs. After carefully reviewing your questionnaire, we will direct you to a specific designer who will be able to better address your desires and needs based on the questionnaire results.

How can I be certain that the product I purchased from this website, or any bespoke fragrance I might commission, will not end up smelling just like an ordinary designer brand fragrance sold in any department store?

We invite only the best designers to join our community. Most importantly, we select designers with a strong creative track record who are devoted to crafting unique masterpieces using high quality ingredients. Our intent is to focus
on fragrance quality rather than quantity, while giving a voice to the niche perfume industry. We do not impose limits on our designers, and we make room for bold or hard to find raw ingredients, if necessary, to achieve desired
results. You will be informed in a timely manner and followed up with during every step of the way. This will include whenever the designer believes that a particular ingredient will be ideal for the pyramid of the fragrance prior to
payment, for a more informed decision. Every item in our shop was born from the heart of an independent perfumer dedicated to creating stories and instilling new emotions even more so than fragrances, while leaving a mark on the community.

Why are bespoke fragrances so expensive?

There is quite a lot of dedicated work that occurs behind the scenes, even for a non customizable fragrance. When it comes to customized fragrances, you are asking the designer to dedicate additional time to speak with you directly and translate your thoughts and desires into something intimate and complex. That is why fragrance designers must take into consideration expenses related to the production process, equipment utilized, and room for possible mistakes
prior to the final product.

Can I ask for a refund after initiating a project with the designer for a bespoke fragrance?

Yes. However, we will not be able to issue a refund if the designer has officially started working on blending the fragrance ingredients.

How long does it take to create bespoke fragrances?

This depends on several factors. The timeline can range from several weeks to several months or more. Note that the more complex the project, the longer it will take to develop the fragrance. On the other hand, if you decide to use a pre-made fragrance base for your customized project, it will dramatically decrease the project timeline and associated costs.

I do not have a clear understanding of the perfume industry or the knowledge to understand ingredients and how they work together. Is there someone at Liquid Reminiscence who can help me?

Absolutely. Our team will be able to assist you and answer all of your questions related to the products in which you may be interested.

I am allergic to chemicals normally contained in most fragrances. Will I be a ble to find a product suitable for my needs?

Although we cannot guarantee that our items will not contain specific ingredients, we do offer a selection of more natural fragrances depending on the perfumer’s line. Moreover, when you purchase bespoke fragrances, you will be able to address this concern to the Perfumer and they will be able to accommodate your request choosing different ingredients. If you have any concerns about ingredients, please feel free to reach out to us or the designer, and we will answer your questions.

Is the video call required, and will the designer be communicating in English?

Yes, the video call is required, and all of our designers are fluent in English, as they must pass our criteria prior to working with us.