An Invisible Part Of
Your Personal Style.

Liquid Reminiscence LLC began as our owner’s passion for fragrances, which grew so strong that he eventually felt compelled to take action. Our intention behind this store is the desire to offer a platform that would bring together individuals who share our passion, and to build a community of fragrance enthusiasts interested in all aspects of the fragrance creation process. Aside from the scents we create, we love the art of storytelling that fragrances offer. Our owner’s nuanced fascination to the stories of perfumes and how they came to be was what drew him closer to the business and should be accredited for its success.

There is a lot of effort and legwork that goes into creating a bespoke perfume, where a detailed description of the idea and concept is just as crucial as the oils and ingredients used to prepare the blend.  It’s like giving a scent a face. You don’t know a person if you simply focus on their body or physique. To recognize someone, you need to remember their face which is exactly what we aspire to provide for our fragrances.


Moreover every scent at Liquid Reminiscence has a tale to tell. It takes the wearer on an imaginary journey or voyage inside our heads every time you take a whiff of it. It’s similar to reading a book, but on an elevated level. Reading the backstories of the colognes we possessed, as well as any other successful niche scents on the market, fueled our need for exclusiveness and bolstered our confidence when wearing a significant scent. This is exactly what we strive for our customers to experience when using our bespoke perfumes.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring a unique twist in an oversaturated market and re-educate people’s olfactory senses to value quality over quantity by connecting customers directly with fragrance designers and using their imagination and memories as a foundation for creating perfumes. With the help of our extensive questionnaires, comprehensive video interviews and pre-made designer fragrances, we aspire to help our customers find the secret treasure scent they have been seeking their entire life. We aim to instill new emotions and evoke intimate memories that will leave our clients feeling delighted, impressed and more confident about themselves wherever they are.

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